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Enhancing the label ``Made in Morocco`` through the development of products / services and qualification of the business structure members of the association.


– Advise the association members
– Provide the necessary information for markets access
– Assist members in developing marketing policies
– Be the interlocutor with institutional
– Guide members to the sources of funding
– Develop and offer members upgrade programs
– Encourage the establishment of EIGs


– COMPETING: As a state of mind and as a guarantor of sustainable performance.
– INTERNATIONAL: As trade and financial conviction.
– FLEXIBLITY: As a pledge of polyvalence and questioning.
– GOOD GOVERNANCE: As a vector of transparency, compliance and securing of the association project.
– THE GROUND: As basis of surveillance, exploration and deployment.



Become a leading platform for the promotion and support of Moroccan National

Brands in the international markets.

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